Artomé’s Virtual Show in “The Peach State” Marks Another Success!


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Artome demonstrates their Virtual Art Show for a safe and fun Art Education Fundraiser.


Success after success has continued with Artome’s incredible work with America’s schools to set up their new Virtual Art Shows. Artome’s new virtual art show, specifically designed for art educators, provides a safe and fun art project for students and an art education fundraiser for future projects, especially during these challenging, pandemic-laden times.


Artome’s Virtual Art Show for art educators and students is a massive success!


The latest success story comes from Cobb County, Georgia, and the Artomé Virtual Show put on for Tritt Elementary School. In this time of needing extra safety precautions, Artomé partnered with Tritt and helped their school not only raise funds but also host a show that allowed all students to have fun, parents, and communities to come together, and support school art all at the same time.

It will not come as a surprise to learn that the Artomé company has built its incredible name over 15 years of doing something amazingly well. Even when horrible educational issues became a reality with COVID-19, and schools felt they had nothing at their disposal to create funds and keep student involvement and spirits up, Artomé introduced another idea that turned out to be yet another winner.

The Artomé Virtual Art Shows have become the perfect solution to how schools can continue to raise funds. In addition, both teachers and students love the opportunity because it not only provides an ideal outlet to support the art classes and other school programs, but it also allows students to be creatively involved in a fantastic project.


Artomé's Virtual Show in "The Peach State" Marks Another Success!

A great framed masterpiece from Artome


At Tritt Elementary, the Artomé Virtual Art Show brings their students’ creativity to life. A great event that is completely safe is that parents, friends, and neighbors can admire and purchase masterpieces created by the local children that Artome professionally frames.

Reviews come in with each show that mirrors the thoughts of an art teacher, Emily Pfaff, at Bridle Ridge Elementary in Missouri, who stated, “I love how every child gets to view their artwork framed. With COVID, it was a bummer that we were not able to have the art show. But after contacting Artomé, I found out that they would be offering an online art show. We decided to do just that, and…it was a hit! Parents loved being able to view their child’s art virtually and have the chance to purchase it. As an art teacher, I appreciated how streamlined the process was. The company took care of all the work. I love Artomé and will continue to use them for my art shows.”

Putting their years of expertise into every school project, Artomé’s idea of virtual shows has proven to be the perfect way for students to stay engaged, while at the same time ensuring a secure, healthy, safe approach for administrations to raise funds.


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Because Artomé manufactures every frame, cuts every mat, and frames every piece of art in their own manufacturing facility, the company is always able to pass on low costs to every school, so a portion of art students sales at the event will be used to benefit art educators and students. And every one of those students is provided with an original, professionally framed piece of artwork in the school’s gallery that brings them and their parents both happiness and pride.

Art shows by Artome are designed for schools and are not available for the public. If you are a teacher, a member of the PTS, PTSA, or know one, pass along this excellent art education activity and fundraiser information to them. And let them know, now is the time to book their school’s 2021 Virtual Art Show with Artomé as soon as possible at!

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